Harry Chalmiers

Transforming the Music Learning Experience

Guiding students to realize their full artistic potential

quote I guide music students to realize their full artistic potential whether they want to excel as guitarists, composers, arrangers, singer/songwriters, or ensemble players.

Harry Chalmiers Guitar & Music Composition Instructor
Photo by Alice Gebura
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Unique program of instruction designed for each student's goals and needs

For each student I create a Personal Music Learning Plan designed to help them realize their specific musical dreams. Each Personal Music Learning Plan presents a holistic approach to learning music that integrates technique, technology, interpetation, composition, ear training and theory. Students of any age are inspired to achieve excellence by developing their technical skills, artistic depth, musical insight and understanding. My students also benefit from the knowledge about the music business that I've gained in my leadership roles at the finest contemporary music education institions in the U.S., including:

Harry Chalmiers teaches rock and jazz guitar
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Harry's musical expertise and teaching is extraordinarily broad ranging from classical performance, technique, composition and theory, to blues, rock, jazz & music technology

Technology is an incredible resource for music students and professionals alike. Part of my approach to music learning is to ensure that students are fluent with software and hardware tools, internet resources, and more. For example, I show you how to use GarageBand to enhance your instrumental practice, as a sketchbook for songs and compositions, and to produce a high-quality, finished composition. It's also a great introduction to more comprehensive and powerful programs such as Logic, Pro Tools, and others.

Harry Chalmiers Guitar & Music Composition Instructor
Photo by Alice Gebura

More than a guitar teacher, Harry helps students understand musical structure to improve playing, songwriting, composing

quote Music and dance artist Vie Boheme approached me for some help with her original songwriting. Vie had written volumes of song lyrics and we spent many sessions exploring various harmonic and melodic settings for some of them. Then we worked together to create this version of House of the Rising Sun, as inspired by Nina Simone, which we performed in concert several times.